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Grips Athletics Secret Weapon 2.0 Navy Blue Gi


Moisture Wicking
Sweat Absorption
Artwork Colorful
Ripstop Pants
Stitching Triple-Reinforced


Grips Athletics has put a lot of work into their premium "Secret Weapon 2.0" Gi, and it certainly shows! The innovative cut is reduces any unnecessary material so your opponent has as few available grips as possible (not to mention the lighter Gi weight will help you out on the IBJJF scales). Inside the jacket and pants, Grips uses breathable CoolMax mesh lining for the shoulder, vent, and knee panels. While most Gis feature a 2nd layer of the main material in these spots, Grips' use of CoolMax mesh ensures not only superior air circulation but increased comfort and, of course, reduced weight. And it doesn't hurt that the mesh lining is sublimated with rich, colorful artwork, adding a splash of color to this deep navy kimono. The pants are equipped with multiple loops and a round mesh drawstring that, thanks to its resistance to sweat absorption, is very easy to untie after training. Knee reinforcements are diagonally angled along the top, ensuring the 2nd panel covers the important areas without adding anything unnecessary. Since the knee backing is also CoolMax mesh, it adds an impressive level of comfort while kneeling (reminds us of the comfort derived from Gold Weave knee backing such as the 93 Brand "100 Kilo" Gi, only without the added weight of Gi weave). This top-of-the-line Gi is packaged in a convenient dual-section carry bag and is treated for moisture-wicking and odor resistance. The main compartment is roomy enough for your Gi and Nogi stuff, while the front zip-up portion can easily store your sweaty rashguard/compression shorts/jock strap etc. To prevent too much sweat and moisture buildup, the front compartment A ventilated window at the bottom of the front compartment helps air circulate and prevents odor buildup in your sweaty gear during your ride home. Brilliant stuff!

  • Lightweight Pearl Weave jacket
  • Ultra light and soft ripstop pants
  • Innovative new competition cut to eliminate excess fabric
  • Triple-reinforced stitching
  • CoolMax shoulder lining and vent panels with colorful artwork
  • Steamed and pre-washed for a very accurate fit right out of the bag
  • Unique anti-odor + moisture-wicking carry bag (roomy main compartment + ventilated front storage)