FUJI Resistance Tube Kit-1
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FUJI Resistance Tube Kit


Fuji sports Tube Kit
Grappler Withstand
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Brand Fuji


The FUJI Fit Resistance Tube Kit is packed with all the essentials for solo resistance drills, partner drills, and shoulder mobility drills. We included TWO of each item to give the martial artist the option of partnering with a teammate for more intense drills. The two resistance bands also makes it convenient for the martial artist to vary resistance when doing solo explosivity drills. This is an all-inclusive kit designed for value and convenience. The bands are durable and pliable enough for intense shoulder mobility drills. Moving the shoulder joint in its 180 degree optimal range of motion with resistance builds eccentric strength in the rotator cuff and small stabilizers. This allows the shoulder to be moved in all of its ranges with strength and stability. When combined with the right programming, the FUJI Fit Resistance Tube Kit can allow the grappler to withstand shoulder and arm locks for longer, as well as, prevent dislocation in the shoulder joint. The Judoka can also use the FUJI Fit Resistance Tube Kit to practice entries and off-balancing. It's a versatile piece of training equipment. TWO Sturdy Handles with D Rings TWO Resistance Bands Measuring 5mm x 12mm x 2000mm (Can be used as a single band or combined for ultra-heavy resistance.) TWO Heavy - Duty Attachment Belts. (Perfect for resistance sprints, partner drills, and explosivity drills.) Convenient Travel Bag