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Fuji Musashi Grappling Tights


Fabric 88% polyester, 12% spandex
Stitching Strong flatlock
Waistband Jacquard
Brand Scramble


Fuji's Musashi spats (inspired by the iconic Japanese samurai of the same name) are not your ordinary spats. Yes, of course the artwork is outstanding and the sublimation printing provides deep blacks and crisp lines, but the spats themselves are top notch everything. Fuji's new fabric is a substantial, premium, high-density blend of polyester and spandex that has been engineering not only to resist fading and cracking/peeling, but also resistant to "pilling" after you wash. The smooth material feels great against the skin. Even where the panels are assembled with flatlock seams, you hardly notice your Musashi spats. They're equipped with a wide Jacquard waistband that has soft interior lining for added comfort, as well as a strong internal drawstring for easy adjustment. Truly no detail overlooked!

  • High-density poly/spandex blend
  • Resists pilling during wash
  • Reduces mat burn, abrasions, and mat-born bacteria
  • Strong flatlock stitching
  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex
  • Flexible Jacquard waistband with inner lining
  • Internal drawstring